What Really Happened to Mark Leitner?
A victim of the corrupt U.S. Gov't
...turned victor!
Mark has proven his innocence several times in this politically driven case, but with the court covering up its fraud & bc Mark stood up for his rights, they are slow to grant relief. Mark however presses on, and will be exhanerated and free soon!!
Wrongfully Imprisoned
At trial, the judge ignored or "got around" Marks lawful challenges. The jury was tricked, lied to, & even intimidated into finding everyone guilty and Marks life was ruined as he went to various prisons and jails, fighting for justice, since 2010.
Unlawfully Indicted
Completely Exonerated
Mark was selectively prosecuted for an IRS "conspiracy" crime he never commited, along with a dozen others; many he did not even know. He, without an attorney,  presented proof of his innocence and that the court violated his rights and was holding him against the law.

My name is Mark Daniel Leitner.

I was in forced into federal prison since 2010 and I was innocent.

This is my story.

Bio  - Court, Court case, Florida, NDFL, crime, IRS, tax, PQI, Quest, Liens
President - Geneva Lions Club
Mark was very active in the LIONS club, the largest community service organization in the world. He served for many years - as president, treasurer, &
was a charter member.
Marketing & Film Production
Mark marketed as his career various education, debt reduction and financial programs. He was active in film & video production locally.  IMDB

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  • Mark has always been someone with a sense of justice, which led to Criminal Justice study at college, and educating people on the unfair practices in government as a main focus. Humorous, kind, having a beautiful heart is Mark.

  • He had never commited crimes in the past nor had intent to do so.  He stood up for his rights against the giant federal gov't and as a result, was made an example of.
    An example of how this gov't treats those who dare make the gov't accountable for their actions.

  • Mark lost basically everything but gained a new focus, new and deeper relationship with God, purpose and insight into law & the system in this country.

  • We believe here you will begin to see the insanity going on in our own backyard. Over-zealous prosecutors, breaking laws & lying to win cases, gov't fraud, violation of people's rights, wrongful imprisonment, citizens like you, being taken advantage of, and more. Solutions to these all too common attrocities are coming. Perhaps you can help...
Criminal Justice Degree
Mark finished college, attending SUNY Brockport for a BS in Criminal Justice, minor concentration in sociology and in Film and Video Communications.
Welcome! ~ Even if you know Mark, you most likely are not aware of the details surrounding the tragedy & unfairness that befell him. We, his friends, family & supporters speak through this site, along with Mark, to tell you the truth of "What Really Happened to Mark Leitner"...
       You may have heard that Mark was indicted, went to trial on a federal IRS case, lost, & was imprisoned for years. However what really took place was a story of innocence, a political agenda of the powers that be, false charges, gov't lies, and the delays surrounding his freedom and clearing his good name.
       We sponsering this message know Mark personally, know he is innocent, that God is with him, and that he was horribly treated by this system. A few snipits of our character reference letters for Mark, presented to the court, are accessable here: Character Reference Letters

Mark Leitner ~
From Fairport & Geneva New York


    Yup, some insane things from this case and trial:

  • Supposedly a "conspiracy" took place - Yet Mark did not meet with any of the other co-defendants (co-victims really), except with a few at seminars as a customer; nor did he even speak with many, other than on company sanctioned training calls. Some he never even met before! (How does that work?)

  • The Grand Jury turned away a lady (Zoe C.) once they found out she wanted to testify that our educational group was great and she found their products to be very helpful. So the Grand Jury and YOU the public, didn't get the good stuff, only the bias garbage the prosecutor wanted to exaggerate or invent.

  • Mr "C." a co-victim on this case, was secretly taped by IRS spies pretending to be clients, saying he would "never recommend they do something illegal" when they attempted to trick and entrap him into lying, which he wouldn't. He told them, as with all potential clients:  to pay all the taxes they are required to pay. Told them at least 17 times.

  • IRS resorted to sending numerous spies to deceive and record group members or management. No unlawful activity was ever known to be recorded.

  • Judge stated for the record, quoting a high court, said that Nobody owes any public duty to pay more [taxes] than the law demands & Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible (see transcript here) (see full quote)

  • Jury intimidated to vote guilty. During jury deliberation the jury asked if they would be identified as to how they would vote - if they were to vote not guilty for example - would the IRS know who did what. Hmmm. Intimidation?

  • Mark was only a part-time marketer for this PQI organization, never was in management, nor spoke at an event nor was a vender, nor ever had any say in any decision making nor "conspired" with anyone; yet because he fought for his rights, he was made an example of...AND His client turned out to be an IRS spy!  Keywords: False Liens, Income tax, conspiracy

  • Judge ruled that: 1) there were NO identified victims! and 2) that there was no proven tax loss to the government!!  -  Wow. Yet innocent people still went to prison and their lives were ruined. (Don't believe it - See it Here: Restitution Hearing Transcript Pages)

  • The IRS Spy (Theresa Hampton) lied to everyone to try and get evidence that didn't exist. She attended seminars in Hawaii, Mexico, and elsewhere and wasted an estimated tens of thousands of tax dollars. IRS investigated for 6 years! Probably costing millions. The gov't came after PQI civilly first and lost!

  • "It's not Mark's fault"... said on the stand for the record by the only witness relating to Mark. Yeah you heard that right. This was conveniently left off the court transcript for some reason. Uhh Huh. Here's what else that witness said, which actually supported Mark.   See:
    (Appeal Brief Page - Court Transcript and Rehearing Page Here)

    Thats right all this & more, yet these people were found guilty
    when they were not, nor ever intended to commit a crime. This
    case had nothing to do with taxes or not paying income tax. It was a politically targeted manhunt in the good ol' U S of A.

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What was this
PQI group?

  1. MAY 10, 2006
    The IRS organizes a raid of more than a dozen organization members across the
    Mark was sold a random marketing lead, who falsely represented herself & who just happened to be an IRS spy. As a result he was included on this raid. Mark acted honorably never conducting himself in any unlawful manner, following company policy at all times. The company/organization called PQI, shared unique financial education and seminars on information the gov't (and powers that be) did not want you & I to know or benefit from. The raid on Mark's apartment was performed without a legitimate warrant, with purported IRS agents who confessed to not be familiar with the applicable laws. Mark challenged them lawfully and in court. The day after he filed complaint in federal court for the return of unlawfully seized property, and without a hearing or a court order; the "special" agent and his supervisor showed up at Mark's place in plain clothes to return some property. Mark asked 'Where are all the guns and badges today?' They said oh we don't need all that. They returned property they stole that had nothing to do with the warrant." Mark subpoenaed several of the offending agents to a federal court hearing where the judge refused to allow them on the stand to be questioned and roasted by me. The judge ruled in my favor that they "stole" more than they were allowed to and ordered them to return even more property. But the court slickly avoided deeming the whole raid unlawful, so Mark appealed.
  2. August 2008
    Arrested and brought to court against his will without proper lawful process. Lawfully speaking this was an abduction. Read it here from Black's Law Dictionary. Mark was arraigned on unlawful warrant in Rochester, NY. He fought it as long as he could in that court attempting to get it dismissed as it should have been. Mark was then forced to waste his own funds to go down to Pensacola Florida where the charges originated, to attend arraignment. He had never even been to N. Florida before, but it was where the main developers of the group lived, and where the prosecution picked for trial bc of its harshness. It is amazing to think that the accused here would have been found innocent if they had trial in a different place! Mark was never offered the opportunity to face his accusers nor appear before a Grand Jury. This being a fair and equitable occurrence, even mentioned in the U.S. attorneys own manual {USAM Sec. 9-11.153}. The magistrate, in keeping with their training to intimidate; threatened Mark (See Transcript Pages to the right); and entered a plea without his consent. Mark desperately tried, with his knowledge at the time, to remove himself from court process bc of the lack of jurisdiction and the due process violations against him. This began the long stressful road of fighting this unfair case.
  3. 2008 - 2010
    A year and a half of torment during the pre-trial process and conditions, going through two lawyers, then handling the case, filings and defense, ...and offense...himself, three bogus pre-trial "violations" (one where they forced him to a hearing in Florida wasting hard-earned money and time), along with terrible stress. {See Extortion here.} Mark initially had 3 more frivolous charges: money laundering, fraud and some other dumb thing. Probably bc it related to the others, and to attempt to pressure him into capitulating. The prosecution dropped these right before trial. Probably bc they saw how he was fighting them w/o a lawyer as hard as they were prosecuting, plus they knew it was a lie. Mark lawfully conducted his affairs to avoid income taxes since 1999, as such, there were never any charges of willful failure to file, tax evasion, filing falsely, and so forth. This case was not about "not paying taxes". This case was about the powers that be; in gov't, big pharma, and banking, attempting to stop the group from sharing truth. That is the harmful & unfair things these entities doing to us...you & I. They wanted to shut down the remedy offered through some of the groups vendors and education. It was a witch hunt.

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country on the same day.

IRS-CID arrests more than a dozen people involved in this harmless educational organization

Affluent People who were Contributors to this Organization.
Does this seem illegal to you!?

Mark at seminar with Law Professor, former Marine / Deputy Sheriff and Author Mel Stamper .
 - Click the photo to see more -

  1. 2010
    The dog & pony show finally came. Mark along with 10 of 13 others, to defend against the bogus charge: "conspiracy to defraud the United States" (Note: the IRS is not even an agency of the United States). Mark met several of the "defendants" for the first time at trial, even though he allegedly "conspired" with them to commit a crime. - One high level manager type decided to lie and plead guilty in order to get a reduced sentence. Instead of the threat of near 12 years in prison, he received only 18 months. Wow. Yet another who fought in trial for truth, and was considered the same type as the person who got 18 months, was given 12 years! Sickening. - Mr. "C" had recorded evidence of him telling the IRS spies to "pay all the taxes they are legally required to pay", & more. The judge wouldn't allow this near 2 hour clip. When asked to allow clips, she threw up her hands and looked at the prosecutors and said "I'm sorry, I have to let those in". Wow (like getting the evidence in, no matter how long it is, to show someones innocence, is a burden!) So the next day, after only playing a few seconds of a clip, of 3 out of 19 short audio clips, the judge stopped it, and wouldn't allow the rest! Purposeful Bias & Fraud! - After a month long trial, the jury was sufficiently tricked and lied to. Even Mark was found guilty. The jury did not know what they were doing, It was clear that they failed to review all the evidence supporting our innocence. Mark and the others went in there that day believing they would be acquitted. Appeal pleadings and court records showed that they were unreasonable in finding guilt under the conditions that were presented. (See Relevant Appeal Brief Pages on Right Side or Below). - The judge allows the prosecutors to continue to refer to absolutely everyone that ever was involved with or a client of PQI as an "un-indicted co-conspirator". Uh huh. That would be well over 11,000 people. So.."allegedly" they all were guilty of something, possibly even you reading this, but the DOJ just didn't care to indict them. Whatever.
  2. Immediately all victims (defendants) were sent to the local county jail. It was a horrible shock for Mark & all of us. The husband and wife who headed up the group were given 15 & 20 years respectively. Devastating. Unfair. There's way too much to describe here, but over the next several years of continued seeking for justice; the next period of time consisted of Mark: -- Being held in the very uncomfortable county jail for months & months. -- Being transported in chains like a criminal between many different places by plane, bus or van. -- Being separated from family, loved ones, a loving girl friend, freedom, his cats, had to sell his car, etc. -- Being placed into the hole 10 different times in 6 different places for no disciplinary reason whatsoever. -- A great burden being placed upon Mark's family and loved ones; financially, mentally, and otherwise. -- Being in 5 different prisons, county jail twice, and 8 times in holdover facilities. -- Loss of business, property, loved ones....... for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Many, Many times this is what the U.S. Government does to people. They don't care, but for protecting their own corruption. There is so much more that can be said. But this site won't get into explaining everything - You should be aware how much the prison system is in need of an overhaul - - How many innocent people are currently in federal prison - - How many more are unfairly treated by the system or are over sentenced, etc... Seriously look into this and you will see it for yourselves.

2010 on...

Falsely Imprisoned - Appeals - Lives Ruined

Wait - What Happened to Dr. Ellen?
* Appeals took forever. Marks was delayed by an incompetent clerk case mngr. at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Finally, after getting a judge to see the court rules, the case clerk was removed and the appeal opened. Later, looking to do the appeal himself, he felt to allow a court appointed "public pretender" (public defender), to handle the large project. Its hard to get things done in prison. The 1980's electric typewriters and lack of resources don't help. He appeased his family and girlfriend also with this decision.

     The attorney wss difficult and as with many public attorneys, didn't know real law. She wouldn't communicate with Mark other than by letters. She wouldn't raise any of the issues that Mark outlined for her. She followed the 2 issues which the other represented co-victims were using. This still proved Mark's innocence in one way, however, it left out evidence and many other issues proving Marks innocence and the courts violation of law & Marks due process.

    Mark can use any support that is on your heart to provide. He is working to restart his life
right now, create filings and seek lawful remedy to fix this injustice & clear his name.

Any donations, and especially prayers are helpful. Life is more expensive it seems than
when Mark was wrongfully abducted into prison. Postage, legal fees, supplies cost money.
Thank You. :) You're welcome to use the funding links or email below. Ha, and yes - its tax deductable.

     Mark now has those issues in court, and God on his side. They are delaying the answering of his Petition on
purpose.  He has even appealed that delay and waiting on the Appellate court to stop their delay to force the original trial court to grant remedy. Insane. (8/2016) updated 11/2016....

THE REAL REASON FOR ALL THIS...  (Mark's Words below):

Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to learn what really happened to me. More than just the wrongful imprisonment and vile unfairness, this experience and journey had a deeper & more important purpose, that is ...My gaining a new and deeper understanding of how real God is and gain a more personal, active relationship with Him. He is very active in the prison system.
     I am not referring to any foolish finding religion in prison thing, but a calling and realization of God that I never knew before. I've witnessed, been made privy to, and experienced the Holy Spirit, miracles, healings, and learned so many awesome things about God, His people, His Ways, and His Word!
    I would have never had this revelation, calling, & increase in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the things of the Spirit, if it were not for this extremely difficult journey. I thank God. His working with me, in me and for others through me, is just beginning. Stay tuned. God Bless.

Reading On


Thank You!

This is my Appeal Rehearing Document. Done by me (and very well I must say :) ). If you have a mind for Law, you may enjoy reading this. Its very technical and corrects the Appellate Judges false Opinion on the Original Appeal, and exposes more of the prosecutors fraud. Here I prove my innocence for a 3rd time, with overlooked, obvious evidence, and in a different way than before. Start at Pg #1. +/- 20pgs.
  1. We pictured here and others have supported or written to the court about Mark's good character. Many of us and many more endorse and speak through this site about Mark Leitner, his unfair treatment and innocence.

  2. Thank You greatly for all those that have supported me in every way! This battle is won and you & I will see the victory God brings very very soon! - I hope this tragedy will be a help to others and will lead to defeat some of the gov't corruption going on. To give people options and more liberty & freedom that we are currently being denied.

    Mark Daniel Leitner




Movie Producer
P. Hertsgaard


Rick Schramm

Law Proffesor
Mel Stamper

Amy Malone

& Steve

Andrew &  J.

Character Reference Letters


Innocent & Unlawfully Incarcerated People I met in Prison
(click each link/arrow to read more about their story)
I know each of these people personally, lived with them, and know their stories &
cases directly from them (with the exception of Wesely Snipes).

These are just a few of many...

Tony comically quips:  "I'm in jail for supposedly tricking banks into making no money down, cash back mortgage loans." - Tonys case was called one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in the country. A rediculous exaggeration, especially since Tony is innocent. Tony won a second trial, in State court, on identical charges using evidence that the Prosecutor said in writing and under oath did not exist. He was found innocent, yet still imprisoned by the Feds. You have to read his story at:  www.freetonyviola.com
Dan was attacked by the IRS after helping Wesley Snipes win his first indictment (see below). He was sentenced to twice the limit by the court, which is supposed to be illegal. He was moved around every 6 months for a while on purpose bc he was fighting this unfair in- carceration. He was a great help to those in prison and won many cases and got time off for many people. Like the vast majority of Americans, Dan was incapable of committing the tax charges against him. He was exposing these facts, so, like with others, the "gov't" tried to shut him up and make an example. Sick.



Congressman Michael Grimm of New York. His case was unfair and driven by political agenda of those wanting to harm him. Although he had restaurant employees off the books many years ago, and thus triggered a tax issue; his case was the first in NYC history to be penalized by jail time instead of a civil fine. Now that he has seen the corruption of the court system and of the federal prison system, he looks to work towards reform.
Peter is a great, kind man who was mistakenly linked to others who were convicted of an alleged plot to buy weapons, launder money and smuggle equipment to a rebel group in Sri Lanka. He went through this time for spiritual growth. He wanted to take plea deals, even of 5 years in prison, bc it was so difficult, and the U.S. gov't threatened him, but after an answer and truth came forward he was completely exhanerated! He was my best roomate!



Ronald House. I don't know if I have room here to say all the good things about this man. He was imprisoned for God's plan and to help many. He was charged with obstruction of justice charges that didnt apply to him, but the prosecutor wouldn't let it go. Even a federal judge testified on his behalf. He has recently won his appeal and will be released soon. God Bless you House.
John is a super nice, gentle and very intelligent guy, looking to make the world a better place. So of course the Feds wanted to put him away. Really, I could just stop there!  John was remarkable at medical marijuana reasearch. He had all his MI licenses, but due to not putting up with gov't threats outside of their limits, he was targeted. Like many, he was tortured and threatened with so much time in prison, that he capitualated to a 6 mo. plea agreement under duress. He fought the fraud of after prison "supervised release" & basically won that issue.  God Bless you John.


Rev. Ronald

Mr. Gray may have made a technical error regarding an IRS form which gave him a monetary advantage that the Fed didn't like. So,
they threw the book at him. 5 year sentence for using the tax system to his advantage with no intent to commit a crime, and using their own forms. This reminds me of the statistics that correctly state that you are 8x more likely to be prosecuted for filing a tax form than for not filing one. Wow.   
Doron, chief anesthesiologist, was one of the many who was linked to a few people who were alleged of fraud, but never intentionally did anything himself. The Feds started a civil forfeiture on him first so they could steal his $2 Million life savings. Then later criminally charge him and threatened him with a ruined life of a large sentence - forcing him into a plea agreement. So he plead guilty when he was not to protect his family and save his life. Welcome to America everyone. Happens all the time.


Dr. Doron Feldman

Jerry had a situation that showcases how the Gov't, Bankers, & powers that be, use the court system to stop people from getting remedy. In this case, Jerry was using unique lawful methods, which the banks were totally accepting and agreeing to, to eliminate clients mortgage debt and stop forclosures. Then the elite wanted to put a stop to it:  Jerry was offered $5 Million to stop, but declined. So they used their thugs, the court &U.S. Atty to do it.
I knew James outside of prison. He issued process against a court which had violated his rights. He had right file against them according to statute. The prosecutors went after him saying he harassed the court and charged him. He fought, and the jury, like many juries, just didn't understand the law or that you are the master of our gov't, and they are supposed to answer to you & I, "especially" when they violate your rights, like they did w/ James.

Jerry E. Hartsoe

James Jones

Most people don't know the real story of Wesley Snipes tax case. He had a first indictment for about 7 counts of tax evasion that he won! Dan (above) and three other researchers helped gather research to put into evidence that showed the limitations of income taxation and fraudulent aspects of the IRS. He was aquitted. Didn't know that, did ya?    They couldn't prosecute him again bc of double jeopardy, so they trumped up 3 charges of not filing a tax return.  If I recall, he could not get the previous research into court record and lost. He mentioned Dans name on Larry King live after he won the first indictment, which resulted in the IRS being sent to attack Dan & the others. I was held hostage in the same prison he was in, and know those who knew Wesley there.

A Few Relevent Videos

Cancer-Cure Doctor Sam Chachoua News Story

Ex-IRS Agent Sherry Jackson Shows Why She Was Jailed & Disappeared

IRS: The Biggest Gov't Fraud In History

Dr. Sam Chachoua, Cancer/AIDS researcher was awarded $10+ million damages from LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for failing to return 36 proprietary Vaccines and refusing to Publish the results of those tests  Trial Records Reveal in SHOCKING DETAIL the devious means employed to destroy Dr. Chachoua and steal his Induced Remission Therapy (IRT). AIDS and cancer cure.

Published on Apr 16, 2014
Alex and special guest Ex-IRS agent Joe Banister, continue
on the the topic of illegitimate government, the illegal IRS
and what you can do to protect your rights and money

CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Former Internal Revenue Service Agent, 21 years exp.
Sherry Peel Jackson gets straight to the point. She describes America, the entire country, as a slave plantation. "In my tenure as an IRS agent, I personally saw marriages broken, families torn apart, homes confiscated and businesses destroyed... without the proper authority."

Mark Leitner   Mark Daniel Leitner   Truth about MARK DANIEL LEITNER
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News and Media Articles on Real Cases of Prosecutor Mis-conduct
and Wrongful Imprisonment

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Ex-IRS agent Sherry Jackson's (above) new books

Record Number Gave Up U.S. Citizenship or Long-Term Residency in 2014
Latest Count of People Giving Up U.S. Status Is 3,415, Up From 2,999 in 2013
By Laura Saunders  (Feb. 10, 2015 10:38 a.m. ET)
A record 3,415 individuals renounced their U.S. citizenship or long-term residency in 2014, according to a list released by the Treasury Department on Tuesday.  The 2014 number was up 14% from 2,999 individuals in 2013, which was also a record.

Bet you didn't know this was going on....

1. Prisoners are money to the Corp. U.S. - A bond or related financial instrument is created from criminal process and incarceration to benefit the powers that be. So that means there is a financial incentive to prosecute people. The corruption also involves prison for profit. They are making milions off of crimes and non-crimes. As a result of this:  judges are giving out way too much time sentencing people, prosecutors do whatever they have to to get a conviction.  Why do you think they built so many prisons in the late 80's and early 90's? Why do you think the U.S. has 5% of the population, but 25% of the worlds prisoners? Why do you think we have so many laws and crazy laws today than ever before, 60 million on the books? Why do you think your criminal case, like your Birth Certificate and Mortgage, are traded on the financial markets as certificated securities? Sorry, whats that? Don't believe? Start learning and caring and click the buttons below:

The indictment case bond being traded before we even went to trial.

More Research

Even More

2. There are many, many innocent people in prison - As you can see from just the few people above that I have encountered. There are 2% innocent I figure, in the federal system. But there are probably 30-40% that are either over-sentenced or unfairly treated by law, or both, in the federal system. Obviously, to those who have studied, the vast majority of IRS cases are involving innocent people. Same with several other "white-collar" types on a case by case basis. You are just as likely to go to prison, the way this syatem is targeting people and making so many activities an alleged crime. When someone says they're a felon, many times, they actually are not.
                               See:  http://www.innocenceproject.org

3. Most are being brought into the WRONG federal court - As you research this issue, you will see that over time, we have unwittingly had our status changed so that most are presumed U.S. citizens instead of "Americans". The latter have secured rights under the constitution, U.S. citizens do not, but I bet you think you do. So now, you fall under the jurisdiction of the federal gov't and statutes, you are a "federal citizen", (go look it up), you are now liable to the whim of Congress's exclusive legislative power (which is not limited by the constitution); not free in common law where there is only a crime if there is a real victim. The "USDC" (United States District Court) based on Article I of the constitution can hear your case. The "dcUS" (district court of the United States), which has actual judicial power, and is based on Article III, is a different court. How to access it it is kept clouded and shifty. Its where a real case or controversy involving a real living man is supposed to be held. Before we went bankrupt and before we all but abandoned America the republic; this was the court to be in. We had our rights protected here and very  very limited intrusion by the federal gov't, unlike today.  RESEARCH

4. Most people are not allowed to testify before a Grand Jury - Contrary to the U.S. Attorneys own manual (section {USAM Sec. 9-11.153}  - most often, they don't let people go before the Grand Jury. So they cannot present evidence or testify on their own behalf and possibly preventan indictment. Once indicted, a person goes into the corrupt & difficult world of the U.S. federal court system, where getting fairness or acquittal is more difficult. Without testimony or Q&A by you - the target of the investigation, all the GJ has to go on is the negative bias and possibly lies or exaggeration, from the prosecutor.

5. Jury Nullification - In criminal cases, the jury has the right to judge law and fact, and it goes without saying that the defendant, or his counsel, had the right to argue application and merits of the law to the jury. Thus, jury nullification power, also called jury lawlessness. However, we are being denied this super important freedom. In our PQI case and others, the judge says to the jury: "You will
judge the facts and I'l tell you what the law is". New Hampshire state enabled a jury nullification law recently. However its Supreme Court foolishly stripped the law of its power. HERE.

  • There's just so much that can be shared here but, it is not the focus of this website. I encourage you to research more for yourself and even look to make a differerance. The twisting and abuse of the law and corruption of the courts will reach you eventually. Whether through a traffic ticket, taxes, criminal charge, civil suit or what have you. Get prepared.

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