These are the names of the wrongfully prosecuted people on this case:

Claudia Constance Hirmer and husband Mark Steven Hirmer, Eugene (Gino) Joseph Casternovia, Robert Leighton Pendell, Arnold Ray Manansala, Dr. Ellen Stubenhaus, Dover Eugene Perry, Michael Guy Leonard, Mark Daniel Leitner, and Arthur Ramirez Merino

PQI or "Pinnacle Quest International" was an educational group that professionally hosted seminars and shared unique financial and privacy education. They had numerous vendors and contributors to their seminars in the following areas: alternative health and disease cures, lawful tax reduction, debt elimination, offshore and other investments, researchers in gov't wrongdoing, law and aspects of freedom, who exposed corrupt and unethical practices of banks and gov't here in the United States and worldwide. Information the powers that be did not want shared with you, the public. Hence the trumped up charges.

Remember, a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich.

PQI had near 12,000 clients since 2002. Speakers, vendors, or contributors included well known personalities such as Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, Former Asst U.S. secretary of housing Catherine Austin Fitts, Former marine, deputy sheriff and law professor Mel Stamper, LAPD detective, author and activist Micheal Rupert, Nobel peace prize laurients Bill Nelson and Dr.... "Cancer cure" doctor, Dr. Sam Chachoa, Ex-IRS agents Sherry Jackson and Joeseph Banister, Ex-Revenue agent Bill Benson, film producer Aaron Russo and many more.

Affluent People who were Contributors to this Organization.
Do these people seem like criminals to you?...
The "Gov't" called all involved with PQI (and the truthful education
we shared) "unindicted co-conspirators". How do you like that?
You could just as easily be Next ...

Mark and GF minding their own business as attendees of a seminar.

Mark at seminar with Law Professor , former Marine and Deputy Sheriff and Author Mel Stamper

Mark and Dr. Bill Nelson, multiple Nobel prize nominee and inventor of quantum alternative health device , and calculated Apollo 13 re-entry.

Mark and former Asst. U.S. Secretary of Housing, broker/investment banker & financial change advocate: Catherine Austin Fi tts.

Mark and world record holding weight-lifter Tom Mano; and acclaimed Dr. Ron Schneider

Mark and ex-revenue agent and law researcher Bill Benson . Here holding certified proof the 16th Amd was never lawfully ratified.

Mark and Pastor Lindsey Williams , author of "The Oil Non-Crisis"..

Mark and "Mr. Costa Rica" Ed Mercer property developer, MLM magnate,  and philanthropist.

Mark and Hawaian Mint Master / Economist Bernard VonNothaus. Creator of the Liverty dollar currency.

Mark and LAPD Detective law researcher, political activist, and author Michael Ruppert .

Mark and author / Dr. Leonard Horowitz , who Exposed the True Origins Of HIV And Ebola.

Mark and cancer cure doctor
Sam Chachoua.

This fine couple, are the IRS spies that infiltrated the seminar more than once, pretending to be customers. They lied on the sign in form and failed to inform anyone, even after announcement was made to any agent in the audience that if they saw something illegal to inform PQI staff. Notice how Theresa Hampton tilts her head down. She does this in every photo. Probably to help cover identity and perhaps bc of the great shame you think she must have felt in entraping and lying to all these innocent people. The other ass clown was her guest, another "gov't" mole. More waste of taxpayer dollars.   

Mark and Dr. Ellen Stubenhaus.
Dr, Ellen, part of PQI Mngmt, fought extradition from Costa Rica where she moved to prior to the indictment. She said she'd rather stay in the [3rd world] Costa Rica jail then to deal with the corrupt U.S. court system, she was right. She eventually was forced into accepting a plea agreement, as many people are in the U.S. and sentenced additionally to pay restitution, even though we won that part of the trial. So no one else had proven victims nor tax loss to the gov't, yet she alone is being forced to pay restitution, for something that doesn't exist! Wow. Welcome to Amerika.

  1. 2010
    The dog & pony show finally came. Mark along with 10 of 13 others, to defend against the bogus charge: "conspiracy to defraud the United States" (Note: the IRS is not even an agency of the United States). Mark met several of the "defendants" for the first time at trial, even though he allegedly "conspired" with them to commit a crime. - One high level manager type decided to lie and plead guilty in order to get a reduced sentence. Instead of the threat of near 12 years in prison, he received only 18 months. Wow. Yet another who fought in trial for truth, and was considered the same type as the person who got 18 months, was given 12 years! Sickening. - Mr. "C" had recorded evidence of him telling the IRS spies to "pay all the taxes they are legally required to pay", & more. The judge wouldn't allow this near 2 hour clip. When asked to allow clips, she threw up her hands and looked at the prosecutors and said "I'm sorry, I have to let those in". Wow (like getting the evidence in, no matter how long it is, to show someones innocence, is a burden!) So the next day, after only playing a few seconds of a clip, of 3 out of 19 short audio clips, the judge stopped it, and wouldn't allow the rest! Purposeful Bias & Fraud! - After a month long trial, the jury was sufficiently tricked and lied to. Even Mark was found guilty. The jury did not know what they were doing, It was clear that they failed to review all the evidence supporting our innocence. Mark and the others went in there that day believing they would be acquitted. Appeal pleadings and court records showed that they were unreasonable in finding guilt under the conditions that were presented. (See Relevant Appeal Brief Pages on Right Side or Below). - The judge allows the prosecutors to continue to refer to absolutely everyone that ever was involved with or a client of PQI as an "un-indicted co-conspirator". Uh huh. That would be well over 11,000 people. So.."allegedly" they all were guilty of something, possibly even you reading this, but the DOJ just didn't care to indict them. Whatever.
  2. Immediately all victims (defendants) were sent to the local county jail. It was a horrible shock for Mark & all of us. The husband and wife who headed up the group were given 15 & 20 years respectively. Devastating. Unfair. There's way too much to describe here, but over the next several years of continued seeking for justice; the next period of time consisted of Mark: -- Being held in the very uncomfortable county jail for months & months. -- Being transported in chains like a criminal between many different places by plane, bus or van. -- Being separated from family, loved ones, a loving girl friend, freedom, his cats, had to sell his car, etc. -- Being placed into the hole 10 different times in 6 different places for no disciplinary reason whatsoever. -- A great burden being placed upon Mark's family and loved ones; financially, mentally, and otherwise. -- Being in 5 different prisons, county jail twice, and 8 times in holdover facilities. -- Loss of business, property, loved ones....... for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Many, Many times this is what the U.S. Government does to people. They don't care, but for protecting their own corruption. There is so much more that can be said. But this site won't get into explaining everything - You should be aware how much the prison system is in need of an overhaul - - How many innocent people are currently in federal prison - - How many more are unfairly treated by the system or are over sentenced, etc... Seriously look into this and you will see it for yourselves.

2010 on...

Falsely Imprisoned - Appeals - Lives Ruined

Wait - What Happened to Dr. Ellen?
* Appeals took forever. Marks was delayed by an incompetent clerk case mngr. at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Finally, after getting a judge to see the court rules, the case clerk was removed and the appeal opened. Later, looking to do the appeal himself, he felt to allow a court appointed "public pretender" (public defender), to handle the large project. Its hard to get things done in prison. The 1980's electric typewriters and lack of resources don't help. He appeased his family and girlfriend also with this decision.

     The attorney wss difficult and as with many public attorneys, didn't know real law. She wouldn't communicate with Mark other than by letters. She wouldn't raise any of the issues that Mark outlined for her. She followed the 2 issues which the other represented co-victims were using. This still proved Mark's innocence in one way, however, it left out evidence and many other issues proving Marks innocence and the courts violation of law & Marks due process.

    Mark can use any support that is on your heart to provide. He is working to restart his life
right now, create filings and seek lawful remedy to fix this injustice & clear his name.

Any donations, and especially prayers are helpful. Life is more expensive it seems than
when Mark was wrongfully abducted into prison. Postage, legal fees, supplies cost money.
Thank You. :) You're welcome to use the funding links or email below. Ha, and yes - its tax deductable.

     Mark now has those issues in court, and God on his side. They are delaying the answering of his Petition on
purpose.  He has even appealed that delay and waiting on the Appellate court to stop their delay to force the original trial court to grant remedy. Insane. (8/2016) updated 11/2016....

THE REAL REASON FOR ALL THIS...  (Mark's Words below):

Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to learn what really happened to me. More than just the wrongful imprisonment and vile unfairness, this experience and journey had a deeper & more important purpose, that is ...My gaining a new and deeper understanding of how real God is and gain a more personal, active relationship with Him. He is very active in the prison system.
     I am not referring to any foolish finding religion in prison thing, but a calling and realization of God that I never knew before. I've witnessed, been made privy to, and experienced the Holy Spirit, miracles, healings, and learned so many awesome things about God, His people, His Ways, and His Word!
    I would have never had this revelation, calling, & increase in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the things of the Spirit, if it were not for this extremely difficult journey. I thank God. His working with me, in me and for others through me, is just beginning. Stay tuned. God Bless.

Reading On


Thank You!

This is my Appeal Rehearing Document. Done by me (and very well I must say :) ). If you have a mind for Law, you may enjoy reading this. Its very technical and corrects the Appellate Judges false Opinion on the Original Appeal, and exposes more of the prosecutors fraud. Here I prove my innocence for a 3rd time, with overlooked, obvious evidence, and in a different way than before. Start at Pg #1. +/- 20pgs.